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Author: wlburger1

Father Saves Entire Family And Stops Home Invader With Head Shot In California

LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA — While some will comment that the title of this article is unnecessary, it’s blunt and to the point. It shows just how ready the millions of Armed Americans are, and what they’re willing to do when someone attempts to invade their home.

Fatal police shootings could become a crime under proposed California law

SAN FRANCISCO – A showdown over when police can use deadly force is set to unfold in the California Legislature next week, which could result in sweeping changes to law enforcement departments that give officers broad latitude in deciding when to shoot to kill.  

CNN Spreads Deceptive Info On School Shootings

CNN has repeatedly spread false information in the wake of the Colorado school shooting last week in an attempt to destroy the Second Amendment which culminated with the far-left network championing national gun confiscation on Tuesday. CNN’s Brooke Baldwin ran a segment the day after the Colorado school shooting, which left one dead and several […]