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About Us

Dedicated to Supporting & Defending the 2nd Amendment by providing current news articles, politicians' 2A support, product reviews and more.

One of our goals is to test the desire for those supporting 2A to have an email address dedicated to supporting the Second Amendment  (2A).    To that end, we've purchased the domain .

The goal of to compete with and . will not be uncomplicated,  easy to create and maintain and, therefore, will not be free - we don't have the financial and technical resources required yet (as does Google and Yahoo) .    We project the cost at $100 per year for each subscription. The recipient will receive not only a 'name' address but, also product/service/shipping discounts not otherwise available.

We'll need at least 2000 to pledge their future support before moving to the next step.  We will not go forward until we are certain this a business model is worthy of pursuing.

If you are willing to pledge your future support, please email "" .   We are only asking for your future support; not any funds now.  Once we hit your target of 2000 pledges, we will then ask for your annual subscription .